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Photo by Bonnie Hilton



The Millis Garden Club maintains a variety of gardens throughout Millis, including:

❊ Garden beds at the "Welcome to

     Millis" sign at the corner of

     Rte. 109 and Village Street

❊ Garden beds at the Pump House at

     the intersection of Rte. 115 and

     Village Street 

❊ Three-season container gardens

     located at --

     * The Veterans Memorial Building


     * The front and rear of the Millis

         Public Library

     * The Millis Fire Station


     * The traffic island at Rte. 109 and

        Exchange Street

 Lilies in bloom!  Photo by Sue Conte

 Such lush lilies!  Photo by Sue Conte


Photo by Bonnie Hilton


Photo by Bonnie Hilton


 The "Welcome to Millis" garden at the corner of Rte. 109 and Village Street      ~      Photos by Sue Conte

The "Welcome to Millis" garden at the corner of

Route 109 and Village Street.

The Gardens at the Millis Public Library 

In the 2013-14 timeframe, local volunteer Jean Maier designed and spearheaded the installation of the lovely gardens at the newly constructed Millis Public Library.  Jeannie, an artist and self-taught gardener, undertook this formidable project on her own initiative, in coordination with then Library Trustee liaison Maria Neville.  The Millis Garden Club and Millis Lions Club donated the funding and manpower, and certified arborist and landscaper Scott McPhee volunteered his time and talent to work in collaboration with Jeannie in selecting and purchasing the plants and preparing the soil.  In the words of former Library Director Tricia Perry, the result reflects Jeannie’s “... incredible spirit of grace, generosity and artistic genius.”

The three container gardens at the front and rear entrances are designed and maintained by the Millis Garden Club.


Please take the time to enjoy the gardens when visiting the library and take pleasure in them during each of the changing seasons. 

Here is a gallery of happy plants at the library in early fall (photos by Jean Maier). Click a photo for descriptions or to enlarge (these options may not be available on mobile versions) -- 

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