We invite all Millis residents with an interest in horticulture to join us!

CLUB MEMBERS WORK TOGETHER IN SUPPORT OF OUR MISSION, whether that be with hands in the soil tending a garden or assisting with an administrative need.  We each find a niche that fits our style and talents.





OUR MEMBERS have a diverse range of horticultural interests and experience.  Don't worry if you're a beginner.  We learn a lot from one another and from our educational programs.  We are a genial, welcoming group and intentionally set aside time to enjoy one another.


TO JOIN, simply print and complete the membership form.  Then either come to a meeting or mail in your form and dues.

Poetry in Bloom at the Millis Public Library

"Being a member of the Millis Garden Club has been a very rewarding experience for me.  Not only have I benefited from the excellent educational programs, I have also become friends with Millis residents who I probably would never have met if I hadn't joined this club.  We have a great time together and take pride in our many civic beautification projects.  Members are always generous in sharing their knowledge with others.  Consider joining today!  ~ Beverly T.


  • Membership is $35 annually and covers the period July 1 though June 30.

  • Membership for two people living in the same household is $50.

  • New members pay prorated dues based on the month they join  --  

    • July through November - $35

    • December, January, or February - $25

    • March or April - $15  

    • May or June - $35 - includes the upcoming fiscal year 

  • $5 of each member’s dues is allocated to the Scholarship Fund.